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Robert P. Fitton

Author-Audio Book Provocateur-Podcast Host

Robert P. Fitton

Fitton on the Air Blog

Garrison Summary:

Robert  P. Fitton

Recent Release from Robert P. Fitton

Patch Kincaid finds himself in late 1966 and he contacts his friend Johnny Roselli in California to help find Ray Meinkewitz. In doing so Patch becomes part of an ultra-stealth group of individuals called the Milky Way Network. Led by a high-level American politician the network’s goal is to aid Jim Garrison’s investigation in New Orleans. Within this network is Ray Meinkewitz, Commander of Hughes Air Force Base Phineas Beauregard, and the attractive Lieutenant Natalie Tompkins. Detailed documents and actions of the powers to be are unveiled as attempts are made to forward the new knowledge to Jim Garrison. Being in the Milky Way Network is not without risk as an operative from the Kennedy Assassination takes Patch head on.

Patch, torn by not being able to return to his family at Apex Junction, rebuffs the advances of Natalie Tompkins. When she leaves the safe house Patch remains confused but realizes he did like Natalie. The government, using their minions in the press both written and on the TV networks begin a full-fledged attack on Garrison. As witnesses are eliminated one by one Garrison is characterized as a buffoon by NBC news, a Kennedy insider Walter Sheridan and Newsweek and The Saturday Evening post provide hit pieces written by Hugh Aynesworth and James Phelan. Witnesses are intimidated and bribed while Garrison is mocked. An entire task force is set up inside the CIA to thwart Garrison’s attempts at justice.

At the end of 1967 there are hints that Robert F. Kennedy might have some political capital to run for president-but not unless LBJ is out of the race. And the numerous speeches of Martin Luther King are highlighted as Dr. King merges the peace movement with the civil rights struggle. And Patch Kincaid faces the dark clouded future of 1968.

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Recent Release from Robert P. Fitton

Flying to war torn Vietnam Patch Kincaid and Ray Meinkewitz are part of a secret plan, Operation Bluebird Rescue, to extricate Commander Phineas Beauregard from an American prison near Saigon and question Winkamp, an important player in the death of President Kennedy. An extensive riot ensues as Patch’s flying skills are challenged as Patch, Phinney and Meinkewitz attempt to flee the country and top CIA operative Baker Finch.

In the next phase throughout Europe Patch searches for the elusive report that specifies how and why President Kennedy was killed. Finding that reports leads to deadly consequences.

LBJ drops out of the presidential race after Senator Robert F. Kennedy from New York announces a run for the presidency. Kennedy’s extraordinary campaign is recorded primary by primary and speech by speech.

Patch faces Baker Finch at Gibraltar and more intelligence officers at a Christmas gala at a castle in England. He again meets Natalie Tomkins. The torch is lit in their relationship and in the race to find the de Gaulle report on the assassination of President Kennedy.

This is 1968, a horrendous year of assassinations and further bloodshed in Vietnam. The deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy are detailed with the truth-how they were killed as threats to the existing order. Justice is denied to those who dared to seek it and for those citizens left to absorb the deluge. Once again, an inconsequential event. This one involving Jim Morrison and The Doors changes history.

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MLK and RFK Summary

Robert P. Fitton

About Robert P. Fitton

Robert P. Fitton was in outside sales for centuries!. But his real passion was writing books which he did when he found the time. Just like that you ask? Not really-

Fitton graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in American Studies, with emphasis on American History. In college he added science fiction writing and American literature courses. Post-college Fitton expanded his writing craft by studying with science fiction and mystery authors as well as screenwriters. Fitton developed a strong but thoughtful voice, many times humorous, buttressed by a direct style and influenced by Hitchcock’s mystery thrillers, Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. His time travel novels are spun from his love of history and sense of adventure. And the Matthias Jones Series combine Murder, mayhem, and monkey business in a unique venue.

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Fitton Books

Links to the written and audio works of Robert P. Fitton

Robert P. Fitton's approach to time travel reveals his love of history-of how and why things happen and the ramifications of being back in time. Says Mr. Fitton:  " These books are fun to write. In going back in time you experience the themes that determine what happens next!" Fitton's books are historically researched but within the realm of science fiction, where the reader and writer have a wide berth. Robert F. Kennedy frequently quoted George Bernard Shaw when he said: “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”


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His father was an investigator who was murdered. Matthias Jones became an athlete and coach, but he and cocoa Stefani solved his father’s murder. Hamilton College on the coast of New Hampshire hired him to coach sports, but getting into murder investigations remains his passion. He knows the cops and the district attorney Herbert Lane hates his guts. He's best buds with Cocoa Stefani a major under world character and a good friend of parish priest, Father Jim Gallagher. All the while Jones deals with eccentric and bizarre local characters. His persistence gains him the upper hand over the cops and the DA-and the murderer.


SAM CRUD:  Sam Crud is a private investigator south of Los Angeles in the fictitious city of Oceánico Beach. From his loft apartment behind the classic hotel the Paraíso Oceánico situated on the Pacific Ocean, Sam handles adventurous and dangerous cases for his clients. He also works the Paraíso Oceánico’s security

FRAMED- "Gordon Butts from the psycho drama Framed," says Robert P. Fitton, "is my most hated character. Caveat: Hated but effective." Butts is an ambitious and ruthless sociopath who graduates to unabashed murder to accomplish his plans.

THE HOUSE SERIES: Being alone at a distant house might be defined as a welcome time away, unless things go awry. In this series temporary occupants of homes in various locations face life-threatening situations.

GREEN HAZE-Is it possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Being in the wrong place is a life changing experience, especially when confronting or acquiring knowledge of powerful forces.

DOWNSIZED- Who says you can't go back to your 10 year old sweetheart? You can!


Poems by Robert P. Fitton

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Freebees and More...

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