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Robert P. Fitton

Fitton Books Genre

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Here's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Time Travel A​dventures

Science Fiction Pathways

Matthias Jones Mysteries

Mystère, Aventure, Romance

21st Century Poetic License

Freebees and More

The ULTRA-BOOK Project

Have you ever heard of the Ultra-Book Project?

No, this is not the paranormal.

The Ultra Book Project is like carrying the author around with you in your back pocket!

How so?

The Ultra Book Experience is available at Patreon.

 Level One

$4.99 per month

You'll hear me narrate and perform the story I have written. Remember, this is a constant flow of content being created for over

thirteen hundred chapters from fifty plus books!  And you'll receive newly released audio book content.

Level One is an unusual value when compared with just buying an audio book or CD because it's all archived for you.

Level Two:

 $9.99 per month

Level Two enhances the constant flow of content but with some huge upgrades.

You will receive all chapters-which will be archived but as I create content you'll have access to my side-by-side commentary on every chapter of every book. I will explain the meaning of what I have written.

And there's more!

What would you think of adding auxiliary content to the chapters? Here's how it works: Images, audio, video, and documents are posted within Level Two that supplement what I have written in my novels. Where do you get this value? It's powerful because you'll get the full range of the subject!

All in Level Two.

Level Three:

$29.99 per month

Complete chapter archive.

Complete side-by-side Commentary

Complete Auxiliary Content

Phone call access

Video responses to chapter content questions.

Chapters and real time chapter commentary. Bonus material, too!