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Fitton on the Air Blog

Robert P. Fitton Blog Posts

This is my story and I'm stickin' to it...

Sorry Folks- Most my books have heroes. Part One…

Mary Ellen and her kids: Stalked at the Beach House

Cocoa tells Jones that Bill Jones was murdered.

The Patriarch Hamilton Fletcher is murdered!

Murder at the bowling alley with the long lost Johnny Stefani in the shadows.

The Maestro Murdered in his Beloved Conservatory

Body Found in a Cement Foundation

Missing: Anthony Stefani… last seen NYC… presumed dead.

The Mob Connection to Crime Boss Albert Fiore in Boston…

There’s a Bad Moon Risin’ at Club Max

The Handyman held the secret: to DEATH!

The Statute of Limitations: You’re Guilty of murder!

Battle of the Mob Bosses

The Slasher Welcomes Matthias Jones to Hamilton

See you next week- Same time, same station.

1968: Challenging the Disastrous, Divisive Policies of Those in Power.

Gentlemen, We Must Destroy Jim Garrison!

He’s got to go!

Not Merely Peace in Our time but Peace for all Time.

‘There it is: Take it!’

1939/I Have Seen the Future

Who is Baker Finch?

Today’s Trivia Blast from Fitton Books

American Injustice

American Injustice

Subject: Richard Case Nagell

JFK Players in Vietnam

Quick Synopsis: When You’re Dead, You’re Dead.

A Quick Synopsis: Beach House

The Johnny Carson Show: Guest Jim Garrison

Martin Luther King Remarks- Santa Rita Prison Pleasanton, California January 14, 1968

A Quick Synopsis: Framed

A Quick Synopsis: The Kennedy Paradox

I Have Seen The Future: A Quick Synopsis

Time Out: LBJ Press Conference November 17, 1967

Time Out: Playboy Interview Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison’s Rebuttal to NBC

NBC White Paper


Time out: Phelan’s Article on the Garrison Investigation

Time out: The Drum Major Instinct

Time out: Euology for Martin Luther King

Time Out: RFK Mindless Menace Of Violence Speech

Time Out: Martin Luther King Mountaintop Speech.

Time Out: LBJ Withdrawal Speech


Time Out: Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Landon Lecture

Time Out: The Other America, Martin Luther King

Time Out: What was an LBJ news conference like during the Vietnam War?

Time Out: The Garrison Interview

Oswald no fue a la Ciudad de México

Pilatus and the Massive Information Dump

Richard Cain and the escape to Tampa

Bedico Creek: Lights, Action, Camera…

Guns, Films, and Antonio Veciana

Let’s Make Oswald a Mental Patient (CIA frame-up)

The Chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee young Lee Oswald…

Pilatus is a double-triple agent and talking with the Russians.

The Duplicitous Mr. Oswald and the Bringuier Fight

New Orleans, David Ferrie, and the PO Box.

Lemon and Lime arrive at the fringe of the JFK Conspiracy

“You’ll be paid $2000 per report Patch.”

“I’ll do a good job, Mr. Roselli.”

“You’re a Good American, Patch.”

How Patch and Shari begin the Journey to the Kennedy Assassination

Let’s Talk about Return to Dallas Chapter One by Robert P. Fitton

Smart Mouth Wiley and the Ice of Triton

OMG: Are you telling me I’m turning into someone else?

Dreams that won’t come true…

Sid Smoltz – the old song and dance comes to Hamilton, New Hampshire.

Greg Provost and the River of Fate

Who is Lurking Outside the Exchange House?

The Wonderful Land of WOZ

Hello Sam Crud

Letter to Country Hide-A-Ways Magazine from Charley McGowan-Barclay, Idaho

An Interview with Coach Matthias Jones

My Apologies to Kron Man

William Mulholland, Time Travel and the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Anthony was my Bro

The Reality of Humanity Sublime

Requiem for a Sucker

Alone at the Beach House

Where have you gone Harrison Mobley?

Justice for the American West

The Hero’s Adventure

Science Fiction and Imagined Science Fiction Laws.

A Cyborg with a Screw Loose

To the Next Generation of Dreamers

There’s No Place like Home

Cobb, Harry Cobb

Why is the 1939 New York World’s Fair so Important?

Johnny’s Back in Town

Johnny’s Back in Town

Hey, wait a minute… July 3rd… 50 years… Jim Morrison?

Sometimes you have to take an objective look at what you’ve written.

The Third Patch Kincaid Book

Who, I say WHO is this Guy?