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Fitton Media Video

Robert P. Fitton interviewed by Harrison Young

Robert P. Fitton returns to his hometown to talk to Harrison Young about his writing, the JFK Assassination, and the future of mankind.

Framed Fitton Film Noir


Ramblin' Fitton

Ramblin' Thoughts on Time Travel

What does author Robert P. Fitton really think of Time Travel?

Pitching the Patch Kincaid Series

Volumes 1-4 the Patch Kincaid Series.

Robert P. Fitton Ramblin' at the Chateau

about Matthias Jones Characters

Fitton reflects on Sci Fi Stuff

A little of this-a little of that.

Here's Matthias Jones!

Robert P. Fitton hawking his Matthias Jones Series.

More Ramblins

Do I have Time Travel Books for You! YES! YES!

Come fly away to another place and time.

Let me talk about  Matthias Jones stories

Fun to write---fun to read-- Matthias Jones stories.