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Fitton Books

For your reading and listening pleasure

Fitton Books


Robert P. Fitton Discusses his motivation in ascribing such brutal and ruthless characteristics the the alien creature called Sard in his book: Sojourn, A Novel of Destiny." There is something more about humanity than a mere gory alien's " Death Empire."

Robert P. Fitton, author of 1963, a documented novel of the months leading to to and including the Kennedy Assassination, responds to the Hulu movie 11-22-63 and the skewed portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald. Such a description of Oswald can only be called Oswald's Avatar

Joseph Campbell

Robert P. Fitton uses clips from Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and a Jungian psychologist to show the persona of his main character from Sojourn.

On New Years Eve 2016 Robert P. Fitton takes us Time Square as 1957 merges into 1958. And then begins the first two chapters of the time travel novel1958 by Robert P. Fitton.

Strategist : a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics.Robert P. Fitton adds biographical information on Johnny Roselli. Included in this podcast is lecture from JFK researcher Larry Hancock ( and investigative journalist Jack Anderson’s expose on the JFK assassination with emphasis on Johnny Roselli. Fitton also adds two chapters from his time travel novel 1961 which characterizes Johnny Roselli.

Perspective by Fitton on his book 1961 and sample chapters. Nuclear terrorism in 1986 brings forth a trip back in time.

Robert P. Fitton journeys ahead time to discuss his novel: The Nebula Planet. Characters, influences and themes leads into the bar scene in Chapter One of the Nebula Planet and an Antarian clip with rogue Commander Jack Bragg.

Jack Ruby and Strippers

The Chicago Plot and Jack Rubys links with the Outfit in Chicago are highlighted in two audio scenes from Robert P. Fitton's time travel novel 1963. At the outer rim of the spokes is Richard Cain, dabbling in many areas for Sam Giancana.

Robert P. Fitton discusses predictions about the future and his book 1939. Included are an Issac Asimov clip from 1978 and audio chapters from 1939.



Isaac Asimov

Robert P. Fitton zooms in on the eccentric Buck Wiley on Triton in The Harry Cobb Series, The Ice of Triton.

Water discovered on Mars! Robert P. Fitton shares the NASA moment and then talks about habitation on Mars in the future. This segues into the audio from chapter one of The Dust of Mars and a murder in the hostile Mars environment.

Mars Depiction

Charles Lindbergh flies from Roosevelt Field Long Island, May 20, 1927, a part of Robert P. Fitton's time travel book to 1927.

The theme of alternate time lines and nuclear terrorism in 1961 by Robert P.Fitton. In the alternate timeline, President Kennedy is alive.

 A sedate rendition of Robert P. Fitton's thoughts on his time travel novel and the Bay of Pigs. What did the CIA really have in mind?

Can Ricardo, a 500 year old man who can change reality control his absolute power? The answer in this podcast.

Robert P. Fitton talks about technicalities and justice before assistant DA Jake McBride's transition back to 1882 and the Old West, where he will get his chance for justice.

The rifle Oswald was supposed to purchase but Robert McKeown did not take the bait. Dialogue between McKeown and Oswald in audio included.

"Sorry to interrupt myself, but it's the only way I stop talking."

Rush Limbaugh

For your reading and listening pleasure